Nazi Officer Sentenced for Testing Poisoned

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JournalJewish Telegraphic Agency published 18/05/1961

Dusseldorf, May. 17 (JTA) – Nazi Officer Sentenced for Testing Poisoned Bullets on Camp Inmates. A former SS major who was a specialist in developing poisoned bullets was sentenced today to five years in prison after the court rejected his denial of charges he took part in killings of Sachsenhausen camp inmates.

Nebe ArthurAlbert Widmann was tried on charges of testing the poisoned bullets on camp inmates. The former deputy head of the Nazi Criminal Technical Institute testified that the bullets were intended for an assassination attempt on the late Soviet dictator Stalin at the Teheran Conference in 1943. He said similar plans had been made to kill Roosevelt and Churchill at the meeting.

He testified he made and tested bullets, which were intended to kill even if they caused only a slight wound, on orders of Arthur Nebe, former director of Nazi Germany's criminal investigation department.

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