Lewenstein Emanuel

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Emanuel Albert Lewenstein (5 December 1870 - 10 June 1930) was a Dutch art collector.

La Vie colorée

La Vie colorée

Emanuel Albert Lewenstein was born in Amsterdam on 5 December 1870, the son of Adolph Lewenstein and Lea Joachimsthal. Lewenstein bought Wassily Kandinsky's oil painting Das Bunte Leben (The Colourful Life) immediately after it was created in 1907. After his death, his widow Hedwig loaned it to Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum for safekeeping. On 3 March 2017, three of his heirs filed suit in New York City against Bayerische Landesbank who believe they now own it, in respect of the painting, now valued at $80 million. The lawsuit claims that the painting was effectively taken and sold without permission, "The painting was taken from its legitimate owners in 1940 in violation of international law during the period of the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands in furtherance of the Nazi campaign of Jewish genocide".

Das Bunte Leben is on show at the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, in Munich, Germany. On 11 March 1901 in Bonn, Germany, Lewenstein married Hedwig Weyermann (11 Oct 1875 Bonn, Germany - 20 May 1937, Amsterdam), the daughter of Gottschalk Weyermann and Mina Oppenheimer. They had two children: Robert Gotschalk Lewenstein (30 Oct 1905, Amsterdam - 1975 Blue Creek, Ohio, US), who married Henriëtte Ruth Opprower. Wilhelmina Helena Lewenstein, who married José Augusto Da Silva.

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