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Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary to Joseph Goebbels – obituary
Brunhilde Pomsel last year

Brunhilde Pomsel last year

Brunhilde Pomsel, who has died aged 106, bore witness to the Nazi regime as a secretary to Joseph Goebbels; her story came to light with the release of A German Life, a documentary that offered a glimpse into the mentality of the “ordinary citizen” caught up in Hitler’s war machine.

By the time the cameras turned on her, Brunhilde Pomsel was 101 years old and almost totally blind. Over 30 hours of filming she wrestled with the idea that she could have been complicit in Goebbels’s ruthless control over public propaganda during the Second World War.

She had been thrilled to get the job, which mostly involved dealing with paperwork, since it offered a generous salary and the chance to work in the beautiful surroundings of the propaganda ministry. The Goebbels children would play in the space where she worked, and she took a liking to his wife, Magda, who treated her kindly after the flat where...

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